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The Apparel Redefined Legacy

Founded in 1970, Apparel Redefined was first “Angie & Rich’s Custom Screening & Monogramming.”

It started as a very small, family-owned business. For the first several years, the company operated out of a garage and basement. They made t-shirts for the local recreation departments, police, and fire departments.  

The business began to steadily increase as the disco era ushered in a fashion revolution. The t-shirt was no longer a plain and dull part of the wardrobe. It was a blank canvas for self-expression and a medium to convey an alliance to a favorite band, beverage, team, and brand. 

By 1977, the company had moved from the cramped and dusty basement to its second location in Bridgeview, IL.  A warehouse was built for the screen printing production, offices for sales and artwork, and facilities for the sewing and embroidery department. In 2006, Angie & Rich decided it was time to move on.  

The ownership of the company changed hands and the name was shortened to A&R Screening.  From 2006-2017, the new owners worked on growth and carving out a niche market. They had much bigger visions for A&R Screening. Technology and fabrics were changing, the cotton T-shirt era of the ’70s and ’80s was no longer in high demand. The 2000’s saw the monumental rise of companies like Under Armour and Nike who both experienced explosive growth and ushered in the dri-fit fabrics that dominate the apparel market today.

Apparel Redefined Purpose Statement


To be your company of choice and partner in excellence.

We solve the problems with sourcing & producing custom decorated apparel and promotional products. We help our clients sell more & stress less!

Apparel Redefined Vision Statement


We will be the nation’s premier athletic apparel decorator.

Focused intensity over time creates unstoppable momentum. The goals we set today will propel us towards our vision. We deliver unparalleled service, exceptional turn time, unmatched production quality, and precise order accuracy from coast to coast.

Apparel Redefined Mission Statement


We bring organization and speed to apparel decoration through a synergy of people and technology.

It’s important to know that the problem your company solves is worth solving. Our niche is ripe for disruption. Organization, Speed, People, & Technology are the four pillars of Apparel Redefined. These pillars sit firmly on the foundation that we built.

We continuously seek ways to optimize to scale and execute our vision. Inevitably, our journey will bring about many challenges; however, “There are no problems, only unfound solutions.”

Apparel Redefined Core Values

Core Values

Our Team

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Our History

Founded as A&R Screening and Monogramming
The company was moved out of a basement to a warehouse in Bridgeview, IL.
A&R Screening and Monogramming was bought by Jo Ellen Doranzo and John LaRoy. The name was shortened to A&R Screening.

“The Portal”, an online ordering system, was developed. We were able to take more orders and process them faster and more accurately. Clients were able to place orders remotely without paper work. This was a major advancement for us. 

Jo Ellen retired. John bought her shares to receive full ownership of the business.
Early 2018

We moved from our original 4,000 sq ft building in Bridgeview to our new 25,000 sq ft warehouse in Crestwood, IL.

Mid 2018
We received $620K in funding through an SBA loan allowing us to expand our production equipment to fill our new place.
A&R Screening was rebranded as Apparel Redefined.

NOMOS was released. It’s a proprietary software solution that helps automate the ordering process for us and our clients.

End 2021
11,000 orders processed through Nomos. 95 active contract users.

Reached 50 team members


Added Medical + retirement benefits


25,000 orders in NOMOS


LEAN Manufacturing transformation begins


Become Sports Inc Qualified Vendor


DTF Technology Added

End 2023

45,000 orders processed through NOMOS

End 2023

AR acquires UDA

Read more here

End 2023

Grey Area Partnership Launched


Break Ground

(Homewood new facility)
See Renderings


Move into new Facility

Our Future

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We always work hard to improve our goods and services to achieve higher results for our clients. We love challenging tasks that require an innovative approach.

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