Effortless Printing, Exceptional Results

Redefining print on demand with high-quality prints and a cart to customer turnaround of 48 hours.

Grey Area is Print on Demand Made Easy

Embark on your branding journey with ease using Apparel Redefined’s Print on Demand services. Say goodbye to the guesswork of sizing and inventory numbers – your only investment is in your creativity.

We’ve removed the middleman and transformed the print on demand landscape, moving beyond the basic white t-shirt to offer high-quality screen prints that endure wash after wash.

Experience Design Freedom: Platform Agnostic Printing

Embrace the freedom to sell across any platform, whether it’s Etsy, Instagram, Shopify, or any other e-commerce marketplace. Our system seamlessly integrates with your store, focusing on the printing so you can concentrate on selling and marketing.

With our efficient process, your orders move from confirmation to production within 48 hours, ready for shipping at your discretion.

Apparel Redefined Print on Demand Model (Without Middleman)

You make more profit

Print On Demand with Apparel Redefined mans no middleman. More print on demand profit


You make less money

Apparel Redefined - Print On Demand "normal" model with middleman costs