Go to Karaoke
– Picture, by Kid Rock. Because I’ve only done Karaoke twice (maybe thrice) in my life, and both have been with my wife, which is what she suggested. I think we are pretty damn good at it too.

Dinner with a Historical Person
– Damn, I’d like to have a few… Leonardo DaVinci, Vince Lombardi, George Washington, Patton, Teddy Roosevelt, Jesus of Nazareth, Nostradamus, Tecumseh, Ben Franklin, Chris Columbus, Al Capone, Genghis Khan, Socrates, Napoleon, and a few more..haha

Quirky or Unusual Talent
– more of a quirk than a “talent” HA, but one of my front teeth comes out, I’m not going to tell you which. You may find it appalling, amusing, or at the bottom of your drink….

What superpower would you want & why?
– Precognition.

What animal matches you?
– Wolf– I can lead & follow and enjoy being part of a “pack” but can also work alone when necessary.

Fave Sports Team
– Green Bay Packers

Role Model that inspired my career
– Mom & Dad & Liz
– Jocko
– Tim Kennedy
– V. Lombardi
– Gary V

What cartoon matches my personality
– Combo of TMNT Raphael, Taz, Cartman, Jonny Quest,

How many years at AR?
– November of 2024 will mark 18 years at Apparel Redefined

How many years in the apparel industry?
– Same as above

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